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Starting this Friday, Sep. 11, student materials will be distributed from 1:00pm-3:00pm in the multi-purpose room. This will occur each Friday at this time. We need volunteers to monitor the material distribution, and we appreciate any help you can offer! 

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Open PTA Board Positions

Diverse Learners Liaison

The goal of the Cornell Elementary School PTA is to promote the welfare of all Cornell children, including students with disabilities, in school and in the community. To that end, the Cornell PTA seeks to further the partnership between home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth, including those with disabilities. As such, the Cornell PTA endeavors to support Cornell Elementary School in its mission to create a community of lifelong learners who are cooperative, respectful, and responsible, whether or not they require additional supports to achieve self-sufficiency, and wherever students may lie in the self-sufficiency spectrum.


Learn more about the role of the Diverse Learners Liaison.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Chair

The Cornell Elementary School PTA believes that engaging families in school events is critical to the academic and career success of Cornell students. To turn this belief into more concrete action, we are seeking a DEIB Chair who can:

  • Coordinate activities with district organizations focused on Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ+, and low-income families (such as the Black Parents Advisory Group);
  • Seek opportunities to incorporate best practices in areas of inclusion and equity and use metrics and assessment to show their efficacy; 
  • Advocate for action and raise awareness about systemic discrimination, especially transphobia and racism within Cornell and the broader AUSD community; and 
  • Who can skillfully move AUSD out of its comfort zone, help us take accountability, and not be afraid to point out the “white elephant in the room” (i.e., using phrases such as “white supremacy” vs. “cultural insensitivity”).

Learn more about the role of DEIB Chair.




There are many ways for you to contribute to the Cornell community! We rely on our valued volunteers throughout the year to help with our different events and activities. Opportunities to volunteer are posted regularly in the Cornell e-pinkie, the PTA Newsletter and on our Cornell Facebook page as well through our room parents. Thanks to everybody for signing up when we ask for your help – from our Event Coordinators to our Cornell Crew — we couldn’t do it without you!





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