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materials Distribution

Cornell is distributing student materials every Friday in the multi-purpose room. We need your help to monitor the material distribution. Please sign up! We appreciate your time and effort. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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Room Parents

Room Parents are vital community contributors who build bridges for parents and students to the greater Cornell community. This bridge is even more important during the 2020-2021 virtual school year, where the absence of a physical location necessitates stronger communication and more creative ways to build a sense of community and “place” for our students.

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Care to Call

We all need to be heard right now more than ever before. Call and check in with a few Cornell Families that you share grade levels with, through the school year. A guideline and phone list will be provided.

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Coyote Fun Run Coordinators

Coyote Fun Run is held once a year in April or May. It encourages children to stay fit and raise money for the PTA at the same time! During their regular physical education time, children run laps around the play yard, collecting special, colorful rubber band bracelets for each completed lap. Parent volunteers put on the bracelets, spray the kids with water, cheer the kids on, provide water and orange slices, and count the number of bracelets at the end of each class’s event. Prior to the event, children collect pledges (fixed amount or amount per lap completed), and then Coyote Fun Run donations can be made out to the Cornell PTA.

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Cornell Crew

Periodically, a crew of Cornell community volunteers meets up at the play yard for a few hours on a weekend morning to conduct maintenance of the school building and grounds. Activities vary from Crew party to Crew party. Activities include painting, gardening, and handiwork.

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Cornell Wear

This person will coordinate the selling of Cornell wear throughout the school year, including at large events, and possibly online. This person will also keep the inventory and restock products as needed.

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Garden Coordinator

The garden coordinator assigns the garden plot to each teacher once a year, cleans up the garden, spends time in the garden with the kids, and guides them in some gardening activities (e.g., planting, weeding, observing the growth, harvesting).

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