Frequently Asked Questions

The membership form is asking me to log into PayPal.  What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

You do not need a PayPal account to sign up for ongoing monthly payments. However, we strongly suggest you create a PayPal account because it allows you to manage your automatic payment profile on your own. If you would prefer not to, just below the “Log In” button, you should see a link to “Pay using your credit or debit card”. Follow that link to sign up without a PayPal account. If you need to modify your subscription, you can contact the PTA Treasurer, or PayPal customer service to do so.


Will I be charged every month, all year, or only during the school year?

Your automatic payments will continue all year round, and won’t end unless you manually opt out of the recurring payment program.


Does this replace other giving that I might do to the PTA?

While we don’t want to discourage you from giving to the PTA, if we had to ask you to make one contribution, it would be to sign up to be a Dedicated Supporter at the level you are most comfortable with. We are grateful for any and all support you give to the PTA.


As we transition to this model of fundraising, we will likely make less direct asks, and instead encourage more people to sign up to be a Dedicated Supporter. For example, during the Hundrathon, we will try to get more people to sign up to become a Dedicated Supporter rather than ask for the traditional $100 donation. We hope that this mode of giving will increase total donations and will allow us to subsidize many community building activities where we have traditionally requested donations to cover costs.