Support Cornell PTA

The Cornell PTA’s suggested Family Donation is $200/student to pay for Cornell’s core needs and programs.


Each year, the Cornell PTA funds basic educational needs that government funding does not cover, like supplies, classroom technology and emergency supplies. We also organize and support arts,culture and experiences that are crucial to our kids’ health and development. We will spend $200 per student to support these important programs this year.


We know that not all families can contribute at this level and that some can do more. We believe that if everyone gives what they can, we can make sure all our kids have what they need.


Here are the ways to support Cornell Kids

One-Time Family Donation

You can pay a $200 One-Time Family Donation and feel great knowing you’ve already contributed to our parent-sponsored direct fundraisers* for the year. (See our fundraising chart below for further details on this year’s fundraising calendar)


donate $200



Sustaining Member Donation

If you prefer to “set it and forget it,” you can become a Sustaining Member and arrange a recurring monthly contribution.


Super Star Supporter – $30 per month

Shooting Star Supporter – $20 per month

Star Supporter – $10 per month

$20 Annual PTA Membership Fee

If you prefer to support our fundraising efforts as they come up throughout the year, you can pay the $20 membership fee here. (Note: All one time family donations and sustaining members include the PTA annual fee)


donate $20


Other Donation Amount

If you would like to donate an amount not listed above you can input any desired amount here.


donate other amount


*2021-2022 Fundraising Breakdown

2021-22 PTA Fundraising Events


Direct fundraisers Fundraisers with associated activities
PTA Membership Drive (Fall, $20) Westbrae Pumpkin Patch (Oct, Westbrae Nursery sponsored)
*Arts, Culture & Experiences Funding (Fall, $80) Fun Fitness Week (Spring, family & friend sponsored)
*Hundrathon (Jan, $100/student) Book Fair (TBD, benefits school library)
*Total: $200 One-Time Family Donation Total: Up to you!