Events and Programs

Coyote Fun Fitness Week

running coyote mascot

Coyote Fun Fitness Week is May 3-7, 2021!

All students are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves to meet their own personal FUN fitness goals! Check out this video from Coach Joel to learn more and sign up today on PledgeStar to start getting sponsored. 

All students who get sponsored will be entered in our raffle to win local gift certificates and squishy keychains! 

More details, including those raffle prizes, can be found here in:

English [PDF]

中文- Chinese [PDF]

Español [PDF]

Learn more about Coyote Fun Fitness Week.

Cornell's Got Talent

Cornell's Got Talent flyer

We are excited to announce that Cornell's Got Talent (CGT) is going 100% virtual this school year.

Students interested in performing will be sending in videos for the audition and performance. Note that all kids get into the show. The audition is part of the process to help the students practice. The performance videos will be edited together and shared with families.

Learn more about CGT.

Around the World Cookbook

Do you have a recipe to share? Submit your family recipe to or!

Learn more about the cookbook.


 Hundrathon header

We have reached the 100th day of a most unprecedented school year. Despite all that has changed, the Cornell PTA mission remains the same: to provide vital support for our children. We need your help to realize the brighter days ahead. In a time when everything feels complicated, our ask is simple:

We invite each family who can to donate $100 to reach our $20,000 goal.

You can donate online via Paypal, debit card, or credit card.

Learn more about Hundrathon.

Cornell Crew

Cornell Crew preparing to plant a tree

Periodically, a crew of Cornell community volunteers meets up at the play yard for a few hours on a weekend morning to conduct maintenance of the school building and grounds. Activities vary from Crew party to Crew party. Activities include painting, gardening, and handiwork.

Learn more about the Cornell Crew.