Room Parents

If you are interested in volunteering as a room parent for your child's class, please check the table below and fill out the Room Parent Sign Up Form if your child's teacher still needs a room parent. Questions? Please read our FAQ.


Teacher Room Parent Needed?
Annie Alcott No
Emma Barker No
Brandy Biehl No
Patty Bruns No
Laura Cervantes No
Miesje Child No
David Coons No
Deb Desgrosiellier No
Ali Falconi No
Christin Feuerstraeter No
Tanya Finley No
Kristina Finnegan No
Susan Hughes No
Sylvia Jacuinde No
Eunice Kim No
Adrienne Kohn No
Sara McBride No
Hanna Miller No
Ellen Murff No
Chrissie Prehn No
Sophia Rivera No
Beth Shepard Yes -- Sign Up
April Stewart No
Joanie Wickstrom No
Jacque Wiley No
Annie Yuan No
Christiane Zmich No


Room Parent Sign Up Form


If no more volunteers are needed for your teacher and you would still like to volunteer, please contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Room Parent

Room Parent FAQ (PDF)

Q: What exactly does a Room Parent Do?

A: Room Parents are the “point people” in communication between the PTA and teachers to students’ caretakers. Some of the main duties include: soliciting volunteers for PTA events, arranging holiday/appreciation gifts for teachers twice a year, compiling class lists, sending out classroom needs, and reminding families about upcoming events.

Q: I don’t have very much extra time. What is the time commitment?

A: When polled, past Room Parents reported that they spent more time brushing their teeth each month than performing their Room Parent duties. The average time commitment is approximately 1 hour each month but can be more if you desire additional engagement.

Q: Once I sign up to be a Room Parent what happens next?

A: Once you commit, you will have the support of the Cornell PTA. All Room Parents will be part of an email list where the PTA will send you easy-to-forward communications. Teachers will communicate directly with you to guide you through their needs. If you have any questions we are always available to help.

Q: This sounds enticing but I’m still on the fence. Do you have any convincing testimonials that might change my mind?

“Being a room parent isn’t just a volunteer job, it’s a way of life.**” – Derrick Wu, co-President of the Cornell PTA (​**​Disclaimer:​ Derrick was never officially a room parent​)
“Room parent today, PTA president tomorrow. That’s how it worked for me.” – Natasha Khokhar, co-President of the Cornell PTA



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