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We are looking for volunteers to serve as room parents. If you are interested in volunteering as a room parent for your child's class, please fill out the Room Parent Sign Up Form.


Questions? Please read our FAQ.


Room Parent Sign Up Form



Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Room Parent

Q: What exactly does a Room Parent Do?

A: Room Parents are the “point people” in communication between the PTA and teachers to students’ caretakers. Some of the main duties include: soliciting volunteers for PTA events, arranging holiday/appreciation gifts for teachers twice a year, compiling class lists, sending out classroom needs, and reminding families about upcoming events.

Q: I don’t have very much extra time. What is the time commitment?

A: When polled, past Room Parents reported that they spent more time brushing their teeth each month than performing their Room Parent duties. The average time commitment is approximately 1 hour each month but can be more if you desire additional engagement.

Q: Once I sign up to be a Room Parent what happens next?

A: Once you commit, you will have the support of the Cornell PTA. All Room Parents will be part of an email list where the PTA will send you easy-to-forward communications. Teachers will communicate directly with you to guide you through their needs. If you have any questions we are always available to help.


Last updated: Fri 6 Aug 2021


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