Volunteering at Cornell

10/6/2021 7:30 pm



My name is Seth Franklin and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the Cornell PTA. You probably think that means that I am about to ask you to volunteer your precious time or make donations.


Congratulations! You are 100% correct!  Right now we have 3 priority positions that we need you to fill:

  • Teacher Appreciation - We need committee members and organizers who can help show our gratitude to teachers. Making our teachers feel appreciated makes a world of difference in our kid’s educational outcomes.

  • Coyote Fun Fitness (formerly the Fun Run) -  Getting fit and raising money!  Absolutely crucial to have committee members for the biggest fundraiser of the year!

  • Popsicle Wednesdays - Do you like selling popsicles to children? We need parent volunteers to organize Popsicle Wednesdays! This requires Wednesday afternoon availability (Costco membership is a bonus). 


You are likely thinking one of two things:


You might be saying “Is that it? I want to be involved, but I like to help with _______.” Well, you are in luck! We do have a wide variety of other volunteer opportunities, committees, and needs. Email volunteer@cornellpta.org with your name, your interest, and your child’s classroom/year.  Plenty of committees need members, support, and volunteers (including pumpkin painting on Oct 24th). See a full list of positions.


Others of you are saying “Oh my stars and garters, I barely have time to sleep, eat, or watch Ted Lasso.” Not to worry, we know that you love to help your kids. Perhaps you know another parent that you can guilt… I mean convince… to volunteer? And failing that you can still contribute to the PTA by contributing to the PTA.


A small group of you might be saying “Why are they called a pair of pants, when it is clearly one single piece of clothing?” In that case, despite years of experience as an English teacher, I can’t really help you. It’s a complex language with way too many irregular words and exceptions. 


If you have any questions that are actually about volunteering, or just really need to talk to another adult about the new James Bond movie, feel free to reach out to me by email or text (510) 847-5673.


We appreciate you!




Seth Franklin

Volunteer Coordinator