Coyote Fun Fitness Week: May 3-7, 2021

Since there has been so much change going on, we have moved the event to make sure everyone has time to adjust to new routines. The PTA relies on this event for the majority of its budget and your support will help make it a success.


All students are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves to meet their own personal FUN fitness goals! Check out this video from Coach Joel to learn more and sign up today on PledgeStar to start getting sponsored.


All students who get sponsored will be entered in our raffle to win local gift certificates and squishy keychains!


More details, including those raffle prizes, can be found here in:

English [PDF]

中文- Chinese [PDF]

Español [PDF]


This is a voluntary FUNdraiser, but all Coyotes get to participate in the Fun Fitness Challenge - pledges or no pledges.


Step 1: Pick a fitness activity and goal. Step 2 (optional): Send out pledge requests. Step 3: Have fun meeting your fun fitness goal!



Coyote Fun Fitness Week

Running coyote mascot

May 3-7, 2021

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